Connected stores blend digital and physical experiences.

The result is increased data collection and sales. Over 85%+ of the customers in your store are unknown to you. People walk in, look around and walk out. We can help you know who they are, predict what they want to buy and re-engage them to buy more and more often.

What our clients are saying about CloudTags

CloudTags can help us better understand our customers’ preferences in-store, online and post-visit. These invaluable insights can enrich the shopping experience by allowing customers to interact with our products in exciting, innovative ways.
— Kate Kibler, VP, Direct to Consumer, Timberland
We’ve found the technology does add value to the customer’s experience. Within a week of installing CloudTags, the London store experienced an increase in sales sufficient to pay for the technology.
— Oliver White, Multi-channel Director of Heals
We think this is a game-changing experience, for us as a brand and for the customer. Everything customers put into buying isn’t lost at any stage. And this is a part of a larger initiative to boost customer engagement and help them pick up where they left off.
— Stephen Haffer, CIO of American Signature
We encouraged the staff to use CloudTags as part of the selling process, and we saw very high levels of staff engagement in the data capture.
— Sandrine Deveaux, Multichannel Director, Harvey Nichols

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